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"Yeah Pimp" lyrics by BISHOP LAMONT
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"Yeah Pimp"
[feat. PCP & Angelo]

[Intro: Bishop Lamont]
Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!

[Bishop Lamont:]
Yeah! - When I step up in tha cluuub, [rewind]
Yeah! - When I step up in the cluuub, [rewind]
Yeah! - When I step up in tha cluuub, [rewind]
Ooops! Naw, naw... that don't sound right. (okay!)

[Verse 1: Bishop Lamont]
Yeah! - When I step up on tha cluuub, Parkin' lot
These bitches be lookin' so hot!
Yeah! - Nigga there I be,
Fresher than aroma thera-py.
It's Carson in tha house, yeah, pimp! (yeah, Pimp!)
Fly till I die in a Goodyear Blimp. (blimp!)
Had Xzibit "Pimp My Ride", watch me float up the strip. (strip!)
See my name on tha side say it with me bitch
(Bishop!) Playa hatas wanna rhyme like
They sourface cause ma face in tha lime like,
(Bishop!) Imitators try to rhyme like
Steal my patterns but it just don't sound right.
An' got tha nerve to wanna diss rap (diss rap!)
Nigga please! I done flushed harder shit than that.
My pimp hand move swiftly,
Put hands on a nigga like got me a ministry. (CHUUCH!)
May god have mercy on you if you against me,
Put holes through my foes; I ain't playin with you assholes!

[Chorus: Bishop Lamont]
Yeah, Pimp!
Yeah, Pimp!
Yeah, Pimp!
Yeah, Pimp!

[Interlude - Chorus in the background:]
[PCP:] I be talkin' at you like yo, I'm out.
[Angelo:] I understand that.
[PCP:] That's pro'ly don't meant not(hing) anyway.
[Angelo:] That's what I'm sayin', but the bitch didn't believe it.
[PCP:] Eww! I think they do.
[Angelo:] Hahahhahahaha!
[PCP:] I'm so sorry anyway, youkno'msayin'?
[Angelo:] What are what you say?
[PCP:] Yeeah. When I say... Yeeeah!
[Angelo:] Mr. Railway!
[PCP:] Hahahahahhhh! Yeeeeah! Yeeeeah!
[Angelo:] It's celebration.

[Verse 2: Bishop Lamont]
Pimp, Pimp Hooray muthafucka. (fucka!)
Watch a playa drag his mink like a muffla. (muffla!)
And fix these bitches sum suppa. (suppa!)
Some pimp sooflay tha main entré. (ente'!)
Ma pimpin on point so sharp just call me touche' (touché!)
So oh, God! Oh, my God! (God!)
Come get ma dick CPR till it can't get hard. (get hard!)
Eureka! - You just a freak-a!
You's a "hoe-divational" speaker.
My nigga Luke is gone then light up ya refer.
Or should I say papreka - low YouTube
Blaze up sum Harry Potter.
I don't smoke so take a toke for ya playa Patna. (uhh!)
Contact! (contact!) - Make a nigga so dizzy.
Got me wantin to fuck raven symone watchin Disney. (Disney!)
Is he - crazy? - Head spinnin like a frisby come give it to me baby.


[Interlude - Chorus in the background:]
[Angelo:] That nigga at you like the... mothafucka in the black Mr. Clenex!
[PCP:] Hahahahahah!
[Angelo:] Yeeeeah! When we already gotta use this gift to gave, as I'm a good right mothafucka.
[PCP:] Not ain't in my era, man...
[Angelo:] Half a Dominican, half a nigga, half a man, man!
[PCP:] They like Pappy Choo locked up.
[Angelo:] Yeah, man. Half of the world.
[PCP:] I make an African bitch say: "Pappy Choo law! "

[Interlude: Bishop Lamont]
'Ey whassup baby?
'Ey come here...
Oh you act like you too fly and shit?
I said BIATCH!

[Verse 3:]
[Bishop Lamont:]
You know dat shit ain't fair
Walk around with all dat ass an you ain't gon' share!
I said BIATCH! - You know dat shit ain't fair.
Walk around with all dat ass an you ain't gon share!
"Yeah, Yeah! - Ayy pimp wut it do?
Let's take it back to '94 screamin' hooty-hoo! "
Got Brooms, Cadillacs, Silverados zoomin through.
It's a pimp holiday pour that honey on 'em Pooh!
Here take a spoon of this great dip and dab.
Curb stallin' bigalow as I take tha stand.
I grab that Honey Bun an smear it down with cinnomon glaze.
Yeah, pimpin' keep it grippin hands grippin ma waist.
So don't come if you ain't gon' pass it.
Cause it ain't fun if tha homies can't tag it.
We can do aerobics have you stretchin' like elastics.
But it ain't a party if tha party can't smash it. - Oh, NOO00oo!


[Interlude - Chorus in the background:]
[Angelo:] Yo, pimpin' is all over the world, as you said it was before.
[PCP:] Yeeah, youkno'Imean? You just got, they got hoes in Hoe-waii, man. Have you ever been to Hoe-waii?
[Angelo:] Yeeeah! Eehhhh!
[Bitch] Can you spell Hoewaii?
[PCP:] H-oewaii! Yeeeah! "Hoe-waii."
[Angelo:] Hahahahahaahhaha!
[PCP:] Yeeeah! I'm just sayin', ain't it?
[Angelo:] What you sayin' pimp?
[PCP:] Hhhhhaaa... do you find hoes... or... or the hoes find you? Hahaha!
[Angelo:] Man, that's a good question.
[PCP:] Yeeeah!
[Angelo:] I ain't never had to look... so I guess they're findin' me.
[PCP:] Ahhhhhhhh!
[Angelo:] Yeeah!

[Outro: Bishop Lamont]
Yeah Pimp? !
Shouts-out to my muhfuckin' lil' brother.
Muhfuckin' nigga, 9th Wonder.
It's next shit right here, man.
Shouts out to Bokey, man!
Shit right here, man!
It's a muhfucka, man!

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