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"Tony Touch Shade 45 Freestyle" lyrics by BLACK HIPPY
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"Tony Touch Shade 45 Freestyle"

[Beat 1:]

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
Yo, Ab-Soul brother number two
What it do, Tony Touch knock beats like I knock boots
Propaganda when I step to the rest of ya
You know they make it bigger then what it is in particular

[Beat 2:]

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Kendrick Lamar the modern day Malcolm
Humble and modest but these margins can move a mountain
I moshpit on the beat and leave the mark of a thousand, Marksmen
Clearing the street and killing rappers with talent, preach
Yes I said talent, Kendrick ain't scared of y'all, can't even spell competitor
Lord is my witness
I remember asking artists in streets how they did it
The only features I got is was this handsome face I was getting
How ironic, playing Sonic was the shit like a colonic
Now we vomit over these beats while critics pay homage
This is too street like my 23 summers in Compton
I go so deep, like my dick in your bitch hope the condom never do leak
2 seats, one car, all you hear yes daddy and snapped bras
High salary blow jobs, low calorie rap bars not me
My sweet 16 will probably need a school ID
And usually I be, the dominant victor
You know what time it is nigga
Affirmative Action, you fact or you fiction?
I'm a slain cracker from being insane
Pop a vein when I write this shit
I'm think on the shit, I'm vain and I think you're a bitch
A female poodle under some homo's voodoo, sucking the industry's dick
We catching bodies, shooting dice in the hotel lobby, fuck your security
And that's at the Ritz-Carlton
My impurity's probably your best asset
I spit acid, hit your block and crumble your address
Leaving them stagnant
This is torture when I scorch you, or escort you
Out the building where ex-convicts with all sorts of
Portable handshanks, your man can't stick to the script with handpaint
Popping your lip then popping the clip then popping your van, wait
We want the peace, but keep a piece
Said I was Malcolm to your belief what's up

[Beat 3: Kurupt - I'm Burnt]

[Verse 1: Schoolboy Q]
Aww man they let a gangsta in here
Awhuh, Looking for hoes who gon' strip down to there swim wear
Aww, Since I got older n' made an escape from our family
Niggas been causin' casualties for any sucka or super sweater
Say they can handle me huh
I feel assaulted like, fuck around and get charged with battery
Awwhuh, Energized, Blue ball I'm high as wings, we fly to find the things
On fire, I'm carousing, n' kick it like soccer teams, who spit it as precise as him
Awhuh, got a dirt job for that, uhhh, yo, choppa that hoes a beam, [Laughs]

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
Everybody focused on this animal
So one who push the envelope, the remedy the antidote
Mix the Henny and the Coke
Sell the tree and the dope, rain sleet and the snow, do we sleep? Hell no
I Pop a tag and pull up in a Elco
Bag a bitch at Elco, run up in her tailbone
Grindin cause I sell mo, hotter then that hell boy
Fresher than an altoid, see me in them tabloids
Actin like a damn fool, running from them bad boys
Keep a Will Smithon Wessen
Big shell out my weapon, hit you like an astroid, get high with androids
I'm outta space with this shit
Pass the L to Elroy. I ain't took a L boy
I ain't never lost nigga. big heat on me blood
Click defrost nigga. Lookin at a boss nigga
Fuck you an yo boss nigga, Iron on me ever see a hunnit play golf nigga

[Verse 3: Ab-Soul]
Get chastised for your raps with mad lies
See mathematically I divide you academy
Multiply the digits, spend it foolishly on women n' Benz's
Jewelry or new Benz's, two or three
Who but me cool as Lupe's CD
Or cooler then the Shade when it's 80 degrees
You wouldn't qualify if you had 80 degrees
There ain't a place or a horse that stay stable as me
You... [Laugh]

[Beat 4:]

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Feeling like a motherfucking animal
Hannibal Lechter of 2012
Elected to execute every rapper that has excelled
If music your calling
Then you balling, pick up yourself
If a nigga said he could see me
Bet he told you in Braille, fucker
Put you on front street, then buy some bread
Nigga you lunch meat, should've worked at Subway instead
Goliath couldn't bare my triumph
I'm a leader, walk behind me as I walk through Zion
Swinging swords like I'm sparring with a Spartan
Watch they face drop when the beat drop
I drop a real jewel like a Martin, fool
Me and curtains ballin' like peewee kirkland callin' 'em kirk franklin
Stomp 'em, leave 'em hurting
No judgement for a plaintiff
They tried to find me guilty for spitting filthy as O.D.B
But I've been O.D. since '03
That's March 14th, my first recordings
I kicked it's like sweet chin music on Chuck Norris

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
Look, Look, Look, Look, Look, Look, I tell em'
I'm just an average black man, gotta take a stand
If I don't I will fall short, gotta have a plan
I don't know my destiny, Lord knows I'm stressed, but he woke me up this morning, it's good to say I'm blessed
In this game we call life, gotta know the ropes
If you don't you get tangled, strangled till you choke
People think they know, think they know what's really best for me
They say that I ain't swaggin' enough, I bought necessities
They sai that I ain't rapping enough, I need some concepts
Man they listening slow, or they too deaf
Shit I got what it takes to be a star
As soon as I'm on man they wanna shut me off
Shining with the sun here they come with there clouds
But I ain't giving up shit I've been runnin' for miles
If you ask around, they say I'm the one in the town
Jay mutha fuckin' rock, knock a shit down
Look, Look, uh, they say life's a gamble
I'm just glad that I'm winning, ya I'm glad that I'm winning
Uhh, They say life's a gamble, huh, but I'm glad that I'm winning
Shit I'm just glad that I'm winning

[Verse 3: Schoolboy Q]
All these niggas can't fuck with anybody in my circle
Squares take a pair to this shit we droppin' right
I'm extra high, I'm extra right
Now I'm freestyling like what the fuck is up, fuck me up
Where the blunt at, can we smoke in here
Say Ab-Soul where's the blunt, can we smoke it here
Got some mo' weed, Hennessy, bitches in here
I'm bout to fuck her, her, n then in the couch right there
You see how we do, right off the top no glasses
Just me n uhh, Kendrick Lamar, we...

[Verse 4: Ab-Soul]
After non sense, I'm live and direct with a dead compass
On my way to Carson from Compton, steady mobbin
You know my squadrine, Black Hippy
All I need is a pack of Black & Mild's n' an ounce of sticky but I ain't picky
Black lip bastard, black T let's back track
Malcolm X was a government scene, Black causality, Black
That's too deep, n' I'm the bomb
That's like C4 on the sea floor
Fuck with' A.B. n you can see more
Soon as I touch this money, I'm an act of Eeyore
And as soon as Leor put's up a couple mill
I'm a drop a classic album, put up a blunt n' chill, get the deal
It's Ab-Soul actin' an ass, bout to cop a number 22 at Jack in the Crack
At the crack of dawn, I know I'm a lab rat, I'm up at the early morn'
Morning the formula to be as big as Madonna with my raps
Call me what you want just don't call me ignorant
I figure since I'm in it I should be the biggest in it
I even grew my hair out out get a little image
And for the record I'm mixed but what ever you wish
Ab-Solo Black lips, black polo, (Laughs)
Uh ohh, blowing dodo in the dojo

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