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"Culebras De Muerte" lyrics by DEADLY SNAKES
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"Culebras De Muerte"

Culebras de Muerte

[Verse 1]
I blaze the crave of weed smoke shit be drivin' me crazed
The seven figures keep 'em dazed, now I'm fifty and paid
Five carats attract rabbits and niggas that wanna grab it
I blast like a savage bastard, how you wanna have it?
Cop a rock wit proper 9 milly betta stop ya
Keepin niggas shook, see they eyes so I got ya
Tactics, keep niggas askin' who that rappin'
The snakes with tha passion, my gun keep 'em gaspin'
Venom attract ears like crack do fiends
Like rich niggas do rings and throw BB's up on beams
Keep it real so it seems shots'll move yo spleen
Cripple niggas make 'em scream, slit a deep wit my team
Our breaks be undercover like Malik Yoba
Mix the rum wit Pepsi Cola, camp-a-ola when the tour is over
It's very rare you catch this snake sober
Blast shots past your shoulders, here spin this 'til it's over
Deep quick, the Range Rover spin out
Takin' your men out
Sendin' ten out
Raid facilities like task force
Shoulda had yours: four scores and several whores
I've under-rated boars before snakes washed ashore

[Verse 2]
Well trained for mic fights like custom-ato
Strait left jabs and right hooks connecting with your adams apple
Leave you breathless, the chipped tooth, just molest it
Your rhyme style is pitifile, you used up a minimile
In my time I sit like fine wine
My technique is genuine, I slow down cop like a yield sign
You feel mines like a blind man, hands only
I'm iron like Tony, scientists wantin' ta clone me
My DNA's one way, I bomb like McVeigh
I display my rhyme, spray a hundred shots and yo an animated
K like blanks, rhymes shred the competition
My composition's too complex for the opposition
Style switchin' from all the docks to south paw
Fly away like Carbajal but still'll break your fuckin' jaw
Raw iron sheek techniques that I speak in all languages
Warnin' MC's not ta tangle wit 'dis
Deep like an abyss when I display my gift
My moonshift, I do you mafia-style wit the death kiss
Plain and simple I'll leave you hangin' like genitals
This invincible rap star is snake Ratt-a-lar

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro
Four Deadly Snakes in a basket havenin'
We havenin', four deadly snakes in a basket
Cuatro, tres, dos , uno
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro
Four Deadly Snakes in a basket havenin'
We havenin', four deadly snakes in a basket
Cuatro, tres, dos , uno

[Verse 3]
Son my technique is vile like a heinous criminal
Look deep into my eyes, I'm spillin' thoughts subliminal
Like movin' the crowd wit kinetics
You just play the synthetic
You get ripped easily cuz your shit be pathetic
You need ta debt it
Before I kill it for you
I'm raggin' like BuJu, my champious snake kung-fu
The Water Mocassin
A specializin' type be watchin'
Use the force of your rhyme to counter what the fuck you rockin'
Phony niggas be mockin' my style like parakeets
Envious cuz my shit's sleeker, you know dat
Picture it wit a Kodak
I throw raps like blazin' fastballs
I flip sessions
Niggas be like yo Mocc your rhyme is ass-ault
My flow is uncomparable ta any
Give me a shot at Remmy, watch me take it ta the hole like Penny
I'm simply murderous, nigga don't tempt me
Fuckin' spittin' venom 'til my glass empty

[Verse 4]
Hey yo I shine like ultraviolet sunrays
Settin' fire to the Everglades
Burn like purple haze
Raise cane wit power phrase
Venom blast wit the force of a 12 gauge
Sparse tracks, beat 'em down like drumsticks over acoustics
With lyrics dive off of the Empire State Building backwards
I leave the concrete cracked, but you leave thoughts that I lead
>From my verbal faucet, brain snatch your heart through your ass crack
Then attack, snakes militant, soldiers in combat
We a radical, strap's nuthin' ta fuck wit
I move through the battlefield wit tactics, spittin' poisonous bombshells
Unveil then reveal, skills sharper than number 2 pencils
Fake niggas tracin' they rhymes wit stencils
Tossing ensue's at competetors like verbal javelins
Travelin' at the speed of light like bows and arrows
Aim for your mental, gold match the last munk in the temple
Your words get lost in my bermuda triangle

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro
Four Deadly Snakes in a basket havenin'
We havenin', four deadly snakes in a basket
Cuatro, tres, dos , uno
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro
Four Deadly Snakes in a basket havenin'
We havenin', four deadly snakes in a basket
Cuatro, tres, dos , uno

Deadly Snake [x5 until fade]

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