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"Acapella Cypher" lyrics by HORSESHOE G.A.N.G.
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"Acapella Cypher"

[Julius Luciano:]
I'm hard to kill, go ahead fag and pop your Uzi
It's like I'm camera shy, it's hard to snap a shot at Luci
Put the heat on your ass like you sat in hot jacuzzis
Head bleedin', you red-headed like Danny Bonaduce
When I wrap my cock, I'm usually [?] bout to floozy stab
Do not confuse me with them other guys, man this not a movie
My family full of panthers and anacondas
Show you niggas an animal house like you a fan of Jon Belushi
A natural born killer like Mickey Knox, grippin' Glocks
Itchy trigger finger, my index was stricken with Chicken Pox
I'm on a yacht and I'm sippin' scotch, [?] twice
Stickin' dick in a thick bitch, bigger tits than Nikki Cox
I'm finna be rollin' up my 2 sleeves, bare arms
My gun'll throw bullets, QB's, accurate, Drew Brees
I'm thinkin' y'all niggas losers, rightfully so
You're team full of more zeroes than binary code

I couldn't imagine waitin', I'm action takin', I'm past impatient
The doctor should actually thank me, I'm about to past some patients
I'm about to blast you gay pricks who front hard but after that thing bust they turn soft like they dick after masturbation
I'm about to slap some faces and after the decapitations
Wear the bastard's face on my draggin' chain as a fashion statement
I'm tryin' to aim at every single lames hat and blaze it
And see caps flyin' everywhere like I'm at a graduation
Cause if I don't eat, these niggas won't breathe
I might rob your whole team for your cold bling
So if you don't wanna be neckless or in a brace, let me see that charm or watch the snub nose ring
A true warrior, step our test and shit'll hit the fan like Ron in his Pacer days
You never met a nigga in this world whose piece just got a ring like Ron in his Laker days

[Demetrius Capone:]
I say it's buy one and get one at Lids
What does that have to with you guys? Wait, I'll get back to you in due time
I have to do this new line cause in fact I'm absolutely new Swine flu, you get your hat handed to you 2 times
I got your wife cause my rap is like a magic spell
It's bumpy Johnson, as if you had Magic spell
His name in braille, I curse like a sailor will
Up a cold storm, that mean I'm raisin' hell
Listen up as I sit niggas in class
You a bitch nigga, we call bitch niggas hermaphrodites, see right
Cause bitch niggas is half bitch half nigga, so stick dick in your snatch and go fuck yourself
Wait, figure this math, if I dick 8 chicks how many fake tits do I have?
R.I.P, if you get this then you pass
You Rest In Pieces cause I rip niggas in half

[Andrew 'Dice' Dinero:]
I hear you niggas talkin' like you will kill
Well I'm like Shawn Levy, I've shot real steel
Actin' like you won't snitch but you will squeal
So just bow, so once I shoot your knees you will kneel
Real deal, I'm hungry like I haven't ate
So I have an 8, and I'm a grab some cake
Once I squeeze on this pistol, this nickel-plated'll start trippin'
And flippin' and shit like a nigga faded but really I'm irritated
With you niggas hatin', pick a lake and jump in it
Punk bitches, we as thick as pavement
We as thick as the last bitch I left with
We almost thicker than my next bitch
You niggas got me pissed off like your ex bitch when she seen the dick you sex with and hit the exit
You niggas is bout as sweet as some Nesquik
Check it, your attitude, before my tech spit
Yes it's Dice, but these dudes is the ones who's shakin'
The ones that roll as soon as I hit the pavement
Fuck buryin' the hatchet, I'm too focused on buryin' the bastards then buryin' the ratchet
Fake niggas, fuck everything that you writers jot
I come up with doper shit when I'm goin' through writer's block
You gets no respect, y'all hoes at best
You best show some respect when you goin' through this writer's block

[Julius Luciano:]
I don't simp for no bitch, a broad'll never weaken me cause weak and me don't mix
If you my enemy then my 9 millimeter merk you
Y'all target practice, killin' spree rehearsal
Any nigga movin' slow finna be the nigga that get a shell to the back, finna be a turtle
Y'all dudes don't know how to go in, you niggas need a curfew
I'm sicker than the bird flu yeah
I put hands on a nigga, let my Chuck T's dance on a nigga
Everyone of my extremities'll hurt you
I'm incredible, what I ink's credible
Sinkin' my teeth in beef, your team's edible
Plannin' to meet the Grim Reaper later in life
Believe that me and my heat are gonna reschedule
Seek medical attention now after you get beat Reginald Denny style
Your sleep never gon' cease, you'll be deceased, you'll meet defeat
I unleash the beast and reap terrible havoc
Yeah, your team never do, nothin' on my level, I swim in the deep revenue
Stream, I'm so dope that fiends ready to
Overdose, yeah the flow'll Heath Ledger you
I love battle but niggas don't compete with me
I'm one of the best but if you don't agree with me
Then you finna be dead, I'll take skin off your head
I'll scalp you like tickets sold illegally

A man sits cozy at home, he knows he's alone while talkin' to his associates over the phone
But homie was wrong, in his closet I'm loadin' the chrome very slowly just to make sure he doesn't notice the tone
Open the door, plant 4 in his dome, leave a note for his folks sayin' sorry momma the lord wanted me home
Yeah, that's the kind of cold shit I'm on
I'm cold when I'm on, if you don't get along
You and your little dogs and go get along before I go get a long gun and repeatedly
Bust it and let it shake my hand like it's greetin' me

[Demetrius Capone:]
I hope you've prewritten your will, I'm a killer on 3 Limitless pills
You got the will to kill? I've reinvented the wheel
Call me a drunk driver cause I turn the wheel into a manslaughter
Sorta like a vehicular kill, believe you me, he's legally ill
That mean I'm I'll-legal but believe me I still legally kill people like the police do
Squeezin' the steel, eat you once I preheated your grill
Abusive, I spar with your anatomy
Each bar is a battery charge like chargin' batteries
As I prepare to take it further, writtens are premeditated murder to merk all the faggotry
But when I killed with freestyles, I had to plead insanity
Amityville savagery, that mean I kill without even thinkin'
My movement is the new Christianity
I speak profanity cause my tongue is the sword of Damocles

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