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"Cypher Of Bosses" lyrics by HORSESHOE G.A.N.G.
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"Cypher Of Bosses"
[feat. Crooked I, Techniec, Jerzy J, Elz, Pac Ten, Iceman, Karelezz, One-2 & Dizas]

[Crooked I:]
I'm giving niggas more bars than Vegas boulevard
Bars on deck like Xanax on a package full of card
Bars on deck like selling booze on a carnival cruise
Until I be old as Matusalem I'm a be hard as Medusa
Seein my own reflection, this is a bar fight
Every lyrics a bar stool that I'm beatin the solar plexus with
I'm barbaric as a barber named Eric
I'm young parent, only thing I'm leaving to inherit is a building with a liquor license
So even when I die I still give you niggas bars that ya'll sharin uh
Bar M, bar G, after them bar none
I'm the best like when 40 step in the bar play

I'm dark nigga, on the highest bar of fixture
I'm top shelf, I'm King Louie,
I'm a star mixed with a czar
Picture Adolf Hitler walking in a bar
Mister you'll get fucked up all quick, as soon as these bars hit ya
That's when you're FUBAR
I turn a listener to a prisoner, getting transferred nigga
I give it new bars, we too hard
First time she OB hit the beat, decipher, you'll see my true bars

[Julius Luciano:]
Chyeah, I'm never losin in a fight
I get in you pussies like the intrauterine device
Your friends can join the battle and I'm in
I'm adamant by pulling ribs of men through abdomen like Adam & Eve
And each day this bitch can eat my cock
When I see Layla Ali I wanna see her box when I meet her twat
You rappers phony, you don't treat just like art
I'll pull your vocal chords through your chest and I'll speak from your heart
I make you calm down dog like season relined
Julius' brother transforming he so he's in his prime
I'll have you sliced up, delivered to your mom's house in a box
When she open you she have little seizures in mind
Shoe game's the very best, it's true mane I hurry as
I'm a few spades front of 52 cards, you can inspect the deck
No Wu Tang, no retina
No 2 Chainz on, we're in touch
I build arms like a Twitter, fast boom bang prepare for death

[Kenny Siegel:]
Like steady in archery with Parkinson's that ain't quite safe
What's wrong with me? I'm far from being a light weight,
I'll break your heart to the right side of your chest
So your heart could be in the right place
Remarkably I'm hard to see on a bright day my nacho
Soon as a beat come on I go off
And I bust cities, no feelings, my spatial is gonna cough
No public transport on it, subject transfer soft
You bust in, she become known as fuck them pillow talk

Double and double the leaching also get talking this industry
And deuces what iron shoots, call that my peace pipe
Have your brain with a microscope, that's how I'll draw your memory
If you split your mind in two maybe next time you'll think twice
3rd eye, I'll blink twice, tell niggas stay calm
I'm holdin on A bomb and napalmin
A bomb, my bomb's over Baghdad
Search parents, find where they pads at
Draw guns over with you Baghdad

[Andrew 'Dice' Dinero:]
I can have your dudes marked without layin a hand on em
Send goons to choke you, I call that a gag order
My flow deadbeat, spit raps til it kill you
I'm I'll styles, I kick like and this is silver
I swing a bat cave in your dome mane, main scouter
The bat cave is where dope mane, Wayne manor
They call me Bruce Bruce
Though some I miss between Wayne and Banner
But I'm on a door cause I wave the hammer

[Demetrius Capone:]
Man this is not a flick, I'm the Man With the Iron Fists

[Andrew 'Dice' Dinero:]
I'm blammin and I'm a quick, choppas spit, run for cover
Ran to yo mama's crib and I'm a giant dick
You runnin inside he bitch, I'm a sick motherfucker
If you cross me it could get cross me
I got a silencer like Brad Pitt, I'm killin you softly
I stay strapped with biscuits
You send a few shots at me I send a few more
I call it payback with interest

[Demetrius Capone:]
I'm loving yo bitch eye and lovin that freak's ear
Tell er stand back, it's nothing to see here
You see me comin when I come on the scene
Your highness is high as a jet, fuck it I'm King Lear
Okay you with some shit like you fight em and stick
You probably hit the lottery before you rhyme
And you getting, get me the special nominee
Quick like Obama get Mitt Romney
My bitch is bad as this economy prick
You wanna be the street king? I beat you like you Rodney and shit
I'm top dog like a bottomless pit

[Andrew 'Dice' Dinero:]
When it come to bars in a hard sentence

[Demetrius Capone:]
I'm about that life, I break into a prison and put my big in
Like cockin winter do in Sidneys
I see the future, you gon need my super... vision
I'm the cross between Godson and death
I can crucifix ya, we the new religion

LLK dream clean, switch the angle
Shackles off my feet, now we can tango
Now I'm Django in a cango
And a band that got a question in the stars spangle
Bowtie eatin pie, stasis
All black to the roots lay gray aye Haley
God from God, ya'll should about face me
All praise due to Allah, devil will chase me
They say you changing like Sean Paul
Vision's much clearer since you're moving that blindfold
Ride slow, movin like Moses in Maheva
Old school, it crosses in Adida
We fly as Abdul Jabar on knee-highs
Used to pass up 42 on 17, been the G ride
In that old school Nelly, VI
No Jesus piece, I'm on my G high

[Jerzy J:]
I tell em live with the silence, silence to live
Let's demolish the competition, I'm so polished and gifted
Think why so I'm askin you, left side feelin it
Tap into my brain til that power is Limitless
Cut from the cloth of ancestors in the pyramids
Left right, torn a wall, we all need to experience
History's a mystery, that's why I'm experienced
Acid on leak to explain why I'm imperious
In diction is, I'm elevated spiritualist
But you can only see me with the instance of cool images
I have the power to travel through portals
Talked to the immortals, receive knowledge of vocals
No Morpheus, Neo, Trinity
Just haters and less friends, more enemies
My delivery is killing street
The flow is so cold that it shivers me, haters give me energy

Man can't remember we done working and craft
Searching perfection when niggas took an advantage of being an adolescent
So to whom it may concern when the bills go into collection
To the question no woman no problem, mother was an exception
The only baby got pay like a horder lookin to bubble
The saw wolf seem to march his afterdate to our collection
So who are you to wonder how hungry took it from under
Til overrated they favorite then played you inside they playlist
They blazed you until you played out
Play out into the back
Until niggas getting what's written and wanting to play you back
They wanted to pay you back for skippin over your track
Said they knew you before you blew so they want a nigga for that
But friends turn into lovers, lovers turn to supporters
Supporters that only love us for lovin what did for them
Like take the modern foreclosure and put em off in a fortress
I'm fortunate that my fort not a word, just welcome performance

[Pac Ten:]
Then it's ODC, in fact the m all G3 in rap
Poke music he a clack, hopin where the dopest scene
Fienin at the tweakers with the speakers and genetic track
Poise to the white noise and hear to the fear of black
Niggas ghosts and every nigga near packed
I'm joy stickin while you coexisting
Navy seal me, I'm only deployed on big boy missions
Boy get found with your boys missing
Double cross a boss poor on Christian and perform christenings
Present day I ignore Christmas
What's a wishlist to the wishlist? I was born gifted
13 strands in a man that was made different
Reptilian shape shifted
Constructor kind of cobra, shout it like destro
One shot to the dome or a breath of asbestos
See the way he die so learn a living, just let go

I don't pay attention to subliminal rhymes, I got minimal time
Bust em and the feelings inside of something I don't reply
By the waiters are the sickest of space
So if I'm spittin picture perfect it's safe to say I'm a spittin image
Soon as the gavel hits I better you in the gravel pit
You grumbling with your manors, got bars sharper than gavelin tips
I spit 1000 degrees farenheit
At a different level, it's safe to say that I'm fair in height
What's a lighter to a torcher?
At the same, what I'm tryna say is you can't hold a kennel to my frame
Chyeah, better admire it
My resume client list is longer the stoop lie in spliff
Uh, I love the block, I got the corner smothered
You rappers is animated so you Warner Brother
2013, I'm hogging it off
The top of my empire but never dropping a car

It's that Philippino lyricist, intricate as the pyramids
Private serious mind, can access the infinite
My spirit is encaged far way cause I slay Satan in the future
They lock my brain in a space station
This enslaved nation got a fake history
The gods teach me, all for dyin, never trip to me
And you ain't shit to me if you don't ride with C.O.B.
Lyrically we got the chemistry to summon Edoheem
And Mach 6 through yo optics where my optics
Lyrical content, that's yo conscious, my mosh pit
That's how I rock it in the both, you cannot mock it
Any topic, these rappers opposite, agnostic
The truth is you're fly, we can get off like an ostrich
So we got your verse tied, hold you for hostage
Suits up, cockpit, salute to the covenant
And when it's time look up, find me on the mothership

Straight boss like don Soprano
In the martial law, go with my partner Gago
Putting hits out on orders, get the job done
And I'm the one giving the order, pulling strings like The Tourist
My clique be the hardest, we kill these lines
Since your thoughts are clouded I'm a blow your brains to help clean your mind
Cause I need undivided attention, headlining at the honorable mansion
When I grab the shottie on half yo body
Hit the ground harder than the coal without a suspension uh
Exceptional linguist, sexing a temptress, have her body bending like a sexual gymnast
I fuck em, they never wild
Even my close fashion designers need anger management cause I got mad style
I'm bad to the bone
Like a student getting homeschooled and I'm in the class of my tome

Circular bounces, I'll serve you to your purple obnoxious
Step in my circle then I hurt you, watch me convert the colossus
Versus me you getting murked in the process
Getting burned like germans in office
Burn but the burst is from ostrich
Getting jobs to the curve by your orbits
Verbally makin the coin flip
Driblings drop, murder the hostage
Get with the gods, I converse with the martians
Moving up, exact to the sides so work through you the continents
The plot thickens like mosh pits caught in the crossfire
The thrown spits probably gonna cost you a cartridge
The thought process like Doctor Obotnik
Mobbing down the block tryna open up shop with a lockpick
I lose my 3rd eye constantly
So I don't get burned like a 3rd white colony
Every single word like reverse psychology
Take your fuckin bitch and teach her to ride a dirt bike properly, yea!

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