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"Julius And Kenny" lyrics by HORSESHOE G.A.N.G.
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"Julius And Kenny"

[Intro: Drake]
Yeah, I appreciate your patience tonight
It's been a moment since I've done some public speaking
I find nowadays it's just best to keep quiet
But uh, sometimes you just gotta let it out
Young Angel and Young Lion
You know what it is

Look, I'm the property of October
I ain't drive here, I got chauffeured
Bring me champagne flutes, Rose and some shots over
I think better when I'm not sober
I smoke good ain't no glaucoma, I'm a stockholder
Private flights back home, no stop over
Still spitting that shit that they shot Pac over
The shit my mother look shocked over
Yeah, but with a canvas I'm a group of seven
A migraine, take two Excedrin
I'm the one twice over, I'm the new eleven
And if I die I'm a do it repping, I never do a second
I swear niggas be eyeing me all hard
And lying to they girls and driving the same cars
Sitting there wishing they problems became ours
Cause we have nothing in common since I done became star
I done became bigger swerving writing in my peer's lane
Same dudes that used to holler my engineer's name
One touch I could make the drapes and the sheers change
And show me the city that I without fear claim
What I set seems to never extinguish
Coolest kid out baby, word to Chuck Inglish
Count my own money, see the paper cut fingers
My song is your girlfriend's waking up ringer
Heh, or alarm, or whatever
She be here at six in the morn if I let her
But I never get attracted to fans
Cause the eager beaver could be the collapse of a dam

[Julius Luciano:]
Yo, I need to be in Tahiti, relaxin' in sand
Tryin' to feed my D to Serena or even Venus cause either could be the penis receiver
Waxin' that ass, don't be scared to throw the pussy baby, cat's always land on they feet
Peep, my crew is next up, we get big ups, we should drive a UPS truck
Julius and Kenny is the new Drake and Weezy
If you racin' me, I hope you ate your Wheaties
I'm like Cool J and EPMD with a new flavor, Lupe and Beanie
Sigel on these beats, I know that you hatin' me cause your boo came to see me
I slang cobra dick, I ain't sellin' music when I'm tryin' to slang my CD
You'd pay to me be, believe me I'm a beast, and no, you can't defeat me
I'm from where them dudes spray graffiti, crews stay and beef
I show you L.A. Times without newspaper reading
I'm too crazy, see me grippin' on that pistol
When I'm trippin' ain't no suitcase or shoelaces needed
Unless you want the pow, shut your fuckin' mouth
Like takin' candy from a child, dude take it easy
You players D-league, I'm Major
Give the game a different look, I'm tryin' to change the scenery
Scene-ree, look how I'm takin' out syllables
I'm killin' these words, I'll be takin' out syllables
Got sinister speech, niggas proceed cautiously
Words, I'll put a couple together like E-Harmony
Don't even think of harmin' me, my team's armory armin' me
With the type of arms the army be armed with, B
My heat guardin' me, I'm lookin' out for killers
Tryin' to scalp a nigga, dude's wanna Steve Harvey me
It ain't hard to see this industry's a mystery
To keep up with the Joneses, you might need Barnaby
We want our shit now, we ain't so patient
We takin' control, don't change your station

[Lil Wayne:]
And I take probation
I don't want that T.I. and Vick vacation
Private plane, pick location
I'm going to the bank to make a big donation
Yeah, I don't stunt, I stunt hard
And if the food ain't on the stove I hunt for it
But in the meantime you can call me young Roy
Jones Jr. fighting the drugs and gun charge
Shit, don't leave me unguarded
And I'm a cheese head, word to Vince Lombardi
Word to Marky Mark, leave a snitch Departed
All that blood like the red sea parted
My gun go crazy like it's retarded
Red light on it like it's recording
I ain't recording, I'm jus C-4ing
My currency foreign
We are in a league they aren't
Better dig in your pocket and pay homage
Better cover your eyes, your face falling
Watch the game from the side, I'm play calling
No, I didn't say that I'm flawless
But I, damn sure don't tarnish
My pistol got comments for your garments
I'm so high I can vomit on a comet
K-y no homo I'm on it
Weezy F Baby, new born bitch
You know what they say bout when your palm itch
I'm going get money, money I'm going get

Then loan it to those I roll with because I lend money
But me buyin'-an-island money, I want
Shut down like an insomniac's eyelids, I live to play my cards right until I Gin Rummy
I'm all in like high bids, high off hybrids
Keep my sight at 12 o' clock but I watch my 6, it's funny
They can't tell I'm a sick nigga, send a message instantly, my gun got a kick nigga
We're number 1, U-Gang clique
You ain't even number 2, in other words, you ain't shit
I'm just tryin' to get off like pipin' a dame
Not right in the brain, I'm not writin' a thing, might write in my brain
I made a vow without writing an "O"
All of my shit will be so dope it can go right in the O
Oh, I make em wild when I finish quotes, yo
Cause I break it down like I'm finna smoke
I'm only calm when there's a dime who tuggin' on my john
I stay on top of my shit like I don't flush when I'm on the john
If you got a problem with contact friends
Then tell em it's on sight like a contact lens
Cause I don't bruise easy, I don't take fiscal breaks
I don't lose easy, I don't make mental mistakes
Want the bitch with the biggest ass ever made to sit on my face
While I'm in my place that sit on the lake
And I talk to her like, grind on me bitch
And suck this dick like there's a prize inside of this shit
Massagin' her tits, tongue slide up her clit
Have her carryin' notes that old Mariah couldn't hit
I'm just tellin' you what I'm about
You ever fuckin' with me, her never fuckin' with me
I'm just tellin' you without my doubts
That plus the fans not needin' to hear every word that come out my mouth
My bro is the best west known spitter
So I guess I am the heir to the thrown, dome splitter
Though it's fresher, I'm one hell of a stone cold killer
Froze nigga, throat slitter, go get her, I'm a get em yo
And in that, you can be confident Crook
I didn't write this down but this is one for the books
We're not the same, you want fun, I want funds
I fight for change, leave some lumps for lump sums
You want some? That's plum dumb but come come
I might just aim some dum-dums to dumb-dumbs
I'm cash grindin', a million songs written inside of my head, still I'm one track minded
Let niggas know when they explorin' my town
If he's a hater, I'll present him clips, show him around
Am I fire and do I smoke it? Two dumb questions
When I'm done sexin' is the only time that I come second
Gimme one second, I'll teach nerds to keep writin'
Teach em how spell numb, they can learn to be quiet
I'm violent and don't play, but still pack toys
Twist silencers on just to kill that noise
Quit talkin'

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