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"How To Survive In South Central" lyrics by ICE CUBE
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"How To Survive In South Central"

[Intro: (Ice Cube)]
[Announcer:] And now... the wonderous world of... (hahaa!) [beat starts] [scratches]
[Man From An Add:]
Hey! Come to Los Angeles! [scratches] (hahaa!)
You and your family can have peace and tranquility. Enjoy the refinement...
[Man:] Hey, Bone! Hey nigga where you at, though? [scratches] Oh, shit!
Hello, my name is Elaine. [scratches] (hahaa!)
And I'll be your tour guide through South Central Los Angeles. [scratches]

[Ice Cube:]
How to survive in South Central? (whatchu do?)
A place where bustin' a cap is fundamental.
No! - You can't find the shit in a hand-book!
Take a close look - at a rap crook! [scratches]
Rule #1 - "Get yourself a gun! " (aiight!)
A.9 in your ass'll be fine. [scratches]
Keep it in your glove comparment;
Cause jackers, yo! - They love to start shit [scratches]
Now if you're white, you can trust the police.
But if you're black, they ain't nothin' but beasts! [scratches]
Watch out for the kill!
Don't make a false move and keep your hands on the steering wheel! [scratches]
And don't get smart! - Answer all questions!
And that's your first lesson
On stayin' alive
In South Central, yeah! - That's how you survive! [scratches]

[Elaine Interlude (Ice Cube) {News Archor}:]
Hi, this is Elaine again! (hahaa!) [scratches]
Are you enjoyin' your stay in South Central, Los Angeles? (yeah!)
Or is somebody takin' your things? (haa!)
Have you witneesed a drive-by? [scratches] (haa!)
Make sure you have your camcorder ready...
To witness the extracurricular activities on blacks by the police. [scratches]
So you and your family can enjoy this tape... {This is Los Angeles.}
Over and over again! {This is Los Angeles.} [scratches]

[Ice Cube:]
Rule #2 - "Don't trust no-body! " (shhit)
Especially a bitch (damn!) - with a hooker's body.
Cause it ain't nuttin' but a trap
And females'll - get jacked and kidnapped. (come here, bitch! come here)
You'll wind up dead
Just to be safe don't wear no blue or red. [scratches]
Cause most niggaz get, - got;
In either L.A., - Compton [scratches] or Watts!
Pissed-off black human beings
So I think you better skip the sight-seeing. [scratches]
And if you're nuttin but a mark,
Make sure that you're in before dark! [scratches]
But if you need some affection mate,
Make sure the bitch ain't a section eight;
Cause if so, that's a monkey-wrench hoe;
And you won't survive in South Central!

[Elaine Interlude (Ice Cube):]
Now you realize it's not all that it's cracked up to be. [scracthes] (yeah!)
You realize that it's fucked up! (hahaa!)
It ain't nothin like the shit you saw on TV. (whattup?) [scracthes]
Palm trees and blonde bitches?
I'd advise to you to pack your shit and get the fuck on... (hahaa, yeah!)
Punk motherfucker! (yeah, bitch!) [scracthes]
Fuck you! (South Central!)

[Sir Jinx Interlude (Ice Cube):]
And you need your ass, straight smoked!
Yo, I wanna say whassup to DJ Chilly Chill!
Sir Jinx!
Ayo, Cube! These motherfuckers don't know what time it is! [scracthes]
So show these motherfuckers what's happenin'!
Tell these motherfuckers...
Don't fuck around in South Central! (Goddamn it!) [scracthes]

[Ice Cube:]
Rule #3 - "Don't get caught up! "
Cause niggaz are doing anything that's thought up.
And they got a vice
On everything from dope - to stolen merchandise. [scracthes]
We discern!
Cause South Central L.A. - is one big yearn. [scracthes]
Waitin' for a brother like you to catch a disease;
And start slangin' ki's [scracthes]
To an undercover or the wrong bro-tha
And they'll smother, a' outta town motherfucker! [scracthes]
So don't take your life for granted;
Cause it's the craziest place on the planet. [scracthes]
In L.A. heroes don't fly through the sky of stars
They live behind bars! [scracthes]
So everybody's doin a little dirt
And it's the youngsters puttin' in the most work. [scracthes]
So be alert and stay calm
As you enter - the concrete Vietnam! [scracthes]
You say: - "The strong survive."
Shit! - The strong even die - in South Central!

[Outro: Sir Jinx (Ice Cube) {News Archor}]
Yeah, you bitches...
You think I forgot about your ass? You tramp-ass hoes! [scratches]
You better watch out!
And for you so called baller-ass niggaz...
You know what time it is!
South Central ain't no joke!
Gotta keep your Gat at all times, motherfuckas! [scratches]
Better keep one in the chamber and.9 in the clip, goddamn it!
You'll sho' [scratches] get, got, just like that! {This is Los Angeles!}
This ain't no joke, motherfuckas! [scratches]
Now, I wanna send a shout-out to E-Dog... [scratches] the engineer...
Puttin' his two cents in! [scratches] [beat stops] {This is Los Angeles!}

[Thanks to Big TaMá$ for correcting these lyrics]

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