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"Flow Session Number 5" lyrics by K-RINO
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"Flow Session Number 5"

Your first mistake, was comin' into my flow zone
You got it wrong, like skinny dippin' with clothes on
Any time I get the chance to spit non stop
I'm happy as a crackhead alone inside a pawn shop
You got a whole lot of songs and some silly bars
They like your children, you claim 'em but they ain't really yours
Before you even rehab, I'll make you relapse
And dope slap your Adam's apple down into your kneecaps
Wreckin' the game, I'm that vein in your neck lancer
Disrespect, you gettin' checked like a correct dancer
Close my eyes and grew three times the size of you
I'm so surprisingly wise, even my lies are true
Wanna be down, guess how many flows you gotta spit?
Like toilet paper, I'm a put you through a lotta quit
K-Rino gettin' murked by your kinda flow
You never see it like a rolex at a dollar store
A lot of dough in my pocket plus the urge to spend it
Hands behind my back writing 87 words a minute
My wordplay inside your brain it won't work, I'm sorry
That's like a XBox game inside the first Atari
How many battles did I lose? I'll be the first to laugh
That's like asking how many sides does a circle have
I go Fed, cus I'm tryin' to make some real bread
With no meds, I get it poppin' like a pillhead
To make a move to knock K-Rino from the top
Is dumb like tryin' to use a Kleenex to block a gunshot
My tongue's a knife so look out for your spleen
Cus I'm a make a cut like I tried out for the team, fool
You do the same routine, ain't no best parts
I hate lookin' at it like your girlfriends stretch marks
My raw essence, impeccable, way past average
That's why my battles end faster than a bad marriage
I'm a miracle child, that's what they told my mother
I'm a year and a half older than my older brother
Such a problem in the game, they kept me left out
A scared rapper hired me to take myself out
Somebody said I was a artificial MC
They got their information R-O-N-G
My neighborhood ain't a place you wanna visit often
You 35, buyin' jeans from the kids department
It'll be a cold day in hell when I fail
I stand behind these bars like I was in a cell
No mirrors in my house, I don't wanna face myself
I'm messin' the game up, like a replacement ref
At the top of the list is where my head ranks
I'm so great I slapped a rapper and he said thanks
You wanna work with me, cool, I won't be long with' ya
Commit suicide, then I'll make a song with' ya
I set a trap because you thought you was deceivin' K
He took the bait like skipped bayliffs' and Stephen A
Needless to say, I don't play the way these dudes play
My shows be packed like Popeyes on Tuesday
No conversation, no fake threats, just simply boom
I gets standing ovations inside a empty room
How you got matched up with me I don't know how at all
That ain't fair, like Oprah winning the power ball
You said I'd never be the greatest with a pen, G
Can't say the word never without having envy
Lied and said you had a deal, wanted congratulations
That ain't no contract, that's a Kroger [?] application
You say you bought it like LeBron [?] smilin'
'Cus you gots no rings like a phone on silent
Or even vibrate with 25 folks diallin'
And I wouldn't touch your girl if we were stranded on an island
Why am I great? 'Cus I practice and study the game
Said he wanted his mind read, so I bloodied his brain
No time for these cowards, it's not enough
Hours in a day, so I squeeze days into an hour
My life's scripture, I reveal it, then go backwards with' ya
Old on my before shot a baby on my after picture
I'm too intelligent I'll mash you into gelatin
You'll never be tight like spandex on a skeleton
I got 'em scared when I show up they gon' run or beg
Rappers spit faster than skinny jeans on your mama's leg
I'm accapella killin' after the track
Against me you have no wind like an asthma attack
They complain 'cus my flow murders are kept on tape
Every line I made 'em wine, like stept on grapes
Most artists say that they're great but they don't want no part of K
No I'm not dim, but I'm fiendin' to take your heart away
Let's go to war today, I'm a have you hellbound
I'm not alone I got back up like I fell down
Not to be arrogant but this ain't no comparison
Record labels don't wanna sign us like claritin
I'm so emphatically talented it's embarassing
And with these punchlines I'm the man son like Marilyn
Stop my grind? Boy, you outta your mind
I'm gettin' my weight up like I left somebody behind
I don't started up but I never run from any drama
Burn your own with a hot iron like Penny's mama
I'm a come through when it's crunch time with clever flows
You like a 24 hour store, you never close
The deal, you don't write because you a bitin' faker
You don't have no lines, you like typin' paper
If you diss me and start tellin' them strong lies
You better take it back like it's the wrong size
Rappers hate when they hear my album finn' to drop
I'm bustin' every day like my car was in the shop
Stop lyin' on the mic about your perfect sound
Everything you say is made up like a circus clown

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