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"War In South Park" lyrics by K-RINO
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"War In South Park"
[feat. Point Blank, DBX, Murder One]

Yo! There was a war in South Park
Two o'clock of day time the sky was dark
I'm running thru blacks smoking dirt
Saw Point Blank on MLK looking hurt
He said:

[Point Blank]
Dopefiend set me up
Now I'm backtracking myself to see why I done fucked up
Bet, K-Rino, get the gat for me
I think I don't got the nuts, I wants you to pulls on me...

Blank, you better think before your life's scrambled
What you want me to tell Nip? (On the fen, no trouble)
A-Ight, man, let's get this shit straight
What tool should I use?

[Point Blank]
I afford a .38 to the dome cause to bad dreams I'm prone
I'm tired of this world, Lord, I'm ready to come home
I can't handle it, I'm so afraid I might damage ya
So I drop to my knees and use it to my advantage
K, it's funny to think I was making a lot of money
Felt in love with Dollar signs and I guess it grew on me
But in reality I fucked up a lot of minds
Bestroyed braincells now I'm loosing mind
I'm on the edge and I'm about to jump off
So I'm a sacrafice myself and take it as a loss
It was was hard to choose but I chose the bullet
K, you supposed to be my nigga, now pull it...[Gunshot]

So I bailed out and my pace sped
Running full speed while my chest and my face bled
Def Busy didn't know exactly...
Who I was cause he charged me with his gun point at me

Boy, what the fuck is wrong with you
K, can't trust up on me like that?
But, ey yo, I take this TV, Eyque's bargaining at the back
But you be flipping on all the shit, who wants some?
So much shit I got entertainment center in my bathroom
I heard explosions, screams and shootings
We ran here for ammos of keyboard pianos
and ended up looting
Perfect timing like Rainman and my main man...
Came up with a game plan to steal a van
You coming or what, man?

So we ran to a shack
Ten brothas broke us down with a sneak attack
For trying to fight them off
I felt a bone of my fist cracked
They tied us to some dynamite, I thought we would loose out
Till Murder One came and blew the fuze out...

[Murder One]
Murder One fear no danger
My main lady, the 380, taking out mothafuckas
Hanging in South Park core, watch me in Guess
Some young punk pulled a gun against Jess
(Then what happened?) I remember I was packing
I felt like Clint Eastwood but smiling when I was capping
Yo, you know how the story goes
Minding what's my car is
to my system it's Volvos and Vogues
See, like trouble followed me
I'm not a follower, another brotha made history
A cop came in accident, a gunshot at liutnetant
It was A.C. Chill...

[A.C. Chill]
Gunfire, gunsmoke, mothafucka's neck broke
But I be fucking, facing him choke
In South Park it gets dark, I find a sharp dart
So I stuck it in a fool's heart
Cause they tried to blow my hood up
But as fast as they step up I gotta light their ass up
And that was why and still why
I had to let mothafuckas live, now I gotta let them die
Cause it's my responsibility...
To shoot a mothafucka in the face if he fuck with me
A.C. is the name you should remember
Cause I can make it hot as fuck in the middle of December...

So we jumped on the back of A.C. Chill's truck
Riding full speed, both of the wheels stopped
Time to pack up, loaded the Mac up
Went to Hiram Clarke to scoop Greek for some back-up...

The only one tragic from hard hitting Hiram Clarke
Strapped, under my arm is arabian ????? shark
Jumped in the truck, now we heading back to South Park
It's up to me to keep this shit
from spreading to Hiram Clarke
Made out a plan to stop everyman in cold blood
Cop in a van, drowning in a rhyme blood
Riding down the road, that's when we seen them coming, shit
Nothing but ????? cause we slaughtered their ass quick
Synchronized my watch to see how fast I can be, quick
To go against the Greek you gotta the mind of a flea tick
Try by the mic and die by the mic says it all
My last words was, 80 gats pointed at me: fuck ya'll! [Gunshot]

K.O. was knocking out suckers
Nip was jumping out of buildings close, hanging mothafuckas
I told them both to run fast
The Terrorists showed up with both their faces in one mask
Grimm and Egypt-E showed up
They drove up in their ride, hit the breaks and it blew up
Some suckers tried to get some
Here come The Beholder, I told him to bring a bomb...

[The Beholder]
K-Rino, you know I got them
so I beat them down and drop them
Cause I don't give a fuck about them
As I stalk the streets of South Park
I'm ripping rappers apart
Cause dead men don't talk
You up against a badguy who's up to no good
And this man wears a hood
So when I step up, step back
Cause I'm fully prepared to go all out cause I'm all that...

I ran over to a phone to call C-Rock
Step in the booth, tried to break but the door was locked
Yo! In a place filled with gas Ganksta Nip broke the glass
And pulled me out before I choke my ass...

[Ganksta Nip]
What's up, K? What's up with you?
The seven serial psychopath South Park psycho to the rescue
You a-ight? Wake it up
And just for that I fiend to start fucking the country up
Piece by piece, a limb by limb
The night is dim, to live chances are very slim
Ganksta Nip, the Lord of Darkness
Now I lay me down to sleep in my holy South Parkness...

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