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"Y.O.U.T.H. (Young Oakland Unemployed Teenage Hustlers)" lyrics by MHISANI
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"Y.O.U.T.H. (Young Oakland Unemployed Teenage Hustlers)"


Well I'm back once more, tougher than before
All fake rappers I will ignore
Because my mind's elevated, I exterminated
A rapper that bit my rhyme and said that he made it
I'm not takin nothin, so let me tell you somethin
When I get through rockin you all will be bumpin
Squares on the wall, broads actin freaky
Brothers grabbin booties cause they playin so sneaky
You on the floor, me on the mic
I be sayin those rhymes that you like all night
My DJ's maxin, you are gaspin
While I'm kickin back rappin 'bout a 12 story mansion
A stretch Mercedes filled with ladies
Stripped to the bone, makin Y.O.U.T.H. go crazy

(I said I wasn't gonna write no more poems like this)

Hella brothers sell dope, but the game is much weaker
All on front with the perm and beeper
One day in class I was kickin back rhymin
Spittin soft game at this pretty young diamond
In the back of the game spittin soft
Interrupted by somebody else's beeper goin off
Everybody turned around so they could see
If the beeper that went off had belonged to me
I said, "Oh no, people, you got the wrong person
I'm all about bangin that 9 to 5 workin"
The teacher came to the back, I shook my head twice
He pulled out a badge, he was a undercover vice
Brothers sittin next to me sweatin and nervous
The vice said (You're gonna have some time to serve us)
They handcuffed the brother, took his money and beeper
They had tabs on him, grindin coke and reefer
Took him downtown and said (them or you)
The brother snitched every name that he knew
The rollers jumped to it, went to the big man
But the big man was ready cause he had a big plan


Rollers drove up, Y.O.U.T.H. in the front
Waitin for the rollers with sawed off pumps
Big man gives the word, brothes bust caps
Rollers duck and cover, ambush right back
Bullets fly over head, some fall dead
Bodies on the ground with puddles full of red
Big man gets nervous, starts to get choosy
Brings out the choppers and the hitman Uzis
Starts sprayin rounds, yes, sprayin a lot
So the rollers get serious and called a S.W.A.T.
S.W.A.T. comes through, professional gunners
Surroundin the house like fast roadrunners
Action, it happens, and it happens fast
The first idea was to use tear gas
Down a big hole, threw in the gas
But the big man supplied everyone with a mask
There were no ideas left, the vice said, "Damn"
The head of the S.W.A.T. got a batterram
A batteram? Yes, they had it in a minute
Destroyed the whole house and everything in it
The Y.O.U.T.H. just watched, wasn't nothing they could do
They tried to shoot at it but it rolled right through
Took down the door, the whole front of the house
They said (Put your hands on your head, then walk out)
Everyone walked out, the big man stayed
He said (I'll serve life, man, I rather get sprayed)
He made a run for it, tried to hide behind a woman
Sniper shot him down when the boy start runnin
I always ask myself: "Mhisani Miller
Who's more addicted, the dopefiend or the drug dealer?"


They say smile and be happy and show gratitude, trick that
Because he's afraid of my attitude? I ain't with that
I'm a Y.O.U.T.H. Young (Oakland) Unemployed Teenage Hustler
Gimme some powdered soap and I can sell it to a sucker
I don't hold back, I'm straight with the truth
They used to call me a drug dealer but now they call me a Y.O.U.T.H.
Sell an ounce in a minute, see a twat, I'm up in it
Police know I sell drugs but they still can't pin it
Some play three card molly, two blacks, go for the red one
(Shuffle em up, pick your card, partner, pay up, you're done)-
All I care about is money and sex, that's the way it is
Spent most of my life within a five-block radius
Bein who I am is somethin that I been blessed with
I'm also someone that your children are impressed with
Drop the top on the hooptie, pull up next to grandma
Turn up the Zapco and bump becuase I am raw
I go to the movies with five of my partners
Makin hella noise and everybody is watchin us
Laughin when it's cry, people soundin like jingle bells
(Ladies, come over here and kick it with us single males)
Sh... - lady, who you tellin to be quiet?
You look like a customer on my basepipe diet
You're so ugly you can spoil an erection
You probably got syphillis or a yeast infection
Your nerves bad? What you're havin a fit?
Just because I'm makin noise, lady musta did hit
Let me help you, I'm a pharmacist, I know what you need
Prescription (one dime bag of some potent-ass weed
Fire it up, Reek (There ya go)
Now inhale the smoke nice and slow [inhaling]
Now hold it [coughing]
Now sit down, that should calm your nerves
Remember, come to the Y.O.U.T.H. when you wanna get served

[CHORUS until fade]

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