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"Border Clash" lyrics by NINJAMAN
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"Border Clash"

Now hear this! all who a chat and dem mouth betta cool and quiet
And all who a run like horse pon track dem better just settle and stop
Weh mi tell unno 'bout, this a di don! unno listen

Come tell yuh 'bout border clash! border clash! yuh know dem send fi di
Don in a di border clash! mi tell unno border clash! border clash! wi seh
Wha kind of clash mi wanna tell unno 'bout that because yuh remember
When St Catherine and di Kingstonian dem clash yuh know seh!
I want a DJ business pon dat over! coney island when di place hit black yuh know
Seh a from ferry highway yuh couldn't find nuh way fi stop mi tell
Unno di

Border clash! border clash! we a go tell di people dem about di, border
Clash! yuh seh if yuh, go pon stage and yuh nuh, singing well hot
Yuh know seh a shandy bottle lick yuh and mek yuh drop pon yuh back
Yuh think a one time! mi see derrick run off a dat him haffi
RUN! with him guitar when a singer gwaan like idiot in a di

Border clash! border clash! tell di people dem about di, ya h-h-hear mi man
Y-yuh si, when di St Catherine DJ dem jump pon di mic and chat and
When di people dem kick up and mek di, place get black yuh see if
Dem move up and gwaan like dem nuh know weh fi chat yuh know seh a pure
Stone and bottle and one a dem bound haffi drop yuh si when di
Orginal front teeth gold teeth dongorgon go pon dat and when mi!
Grab up di mic this is di first thing wi chat I gon' line out di lyrics
Mek yuh hear di whole a dat mi seh di Competition done! Competition done!

And mi seh! St Catherine and Kingston man dem jump off a ground wi bought
ONE HOUSE A GUN, ONE HOUSE A GUN and when mi draw dat di one deh
Yuh know di place tear down, mi draw ONE WORLD A BOMB! ONE WORLD A BOMB!
And it's like seh whole a inna di place it's like a invasion mi bought
TEN GUN FI BUST! TEN GUN FI BUST! and yuh waan hear di people dem seh this ya
One ya dangerous mi bawl, MOVE FROM HERE! MOVE FROM HERE! where yuh si gal
Pickney have manners start jump up in di air and seh lawd ninja man a long
Time yuh waan hear because yuh gone a switzerland and like yuh 'fraid fi DJ
Down here but when mi draw dem ya lyrics like mi gone in a gear but when
Mi come back fi di border clash a dat dem better hear inna di

Border clash! border clash! tell di people dem, yuh a hear mi
When mi come dongorgon come, and mi a go name it out right ya now
If a bwoy him a don him and can't use him tongue like original front
Teeth gold teeth dongorgon just come brush teeth with toothpaste
And teeth full a gun, one house a gun a weh wi drop pon di ground
Mi tell unno DONGORGON COME! DONGORGON COME! yuh know di orginal front
Teeth gold teeth dongorgon come, dem betta! TEK BACK DEM CHAT!
TEK BACK DEM CHAT! suh mi run way gone a foreign and mi nuh decide
Fi come back, dem betta! Tek back dem chat, tek back dem chat

A wonder wha a do dem ya bwoy must a big idiot must he think seh
Mi come from country use to bruck dry coconut and just carry bucket
Over 50 mile harrowed like dat or mi a fool! or else a idiot I might
Box yuh over! an mek yuh drop pon di spot because di DONGORGON COME!
Dongorgon come! nuclear weapon a it mi fling dung, one world a
Bomb mi use to walk with a town, new gun fi bust a it mi fling dung
A it dem have start run up and dung, ninja man with the talking tongue
When mi come dancehall tear down mi seh di dongorgon come! dongorgon

Yuh know di original front teeth gold teeth dongorgon just come mi tell
Unno dongorgon come! dongorgon come! and when di dongorgon come dem
Betta run up and dung yuh si, di dongorgon a tell unno something ya now
Unno betta listen carefully from di word from mi tongue and if you waan
Si a country betta unno just listen mi ya now because a love and
Harmony di dongorgon a fling dung yuh know seh, when mi come dem
Haffi skank up and dung because a unity wi have and mek dem move
Pon di ground mi tell unno, border clash! border clash! tell di people
Dem about di!...

[Thanks to Barnes for these lyrics]

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