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"Whyla Beneen" lyrics by OTHORIZED F.A.M.
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"Whyla Beneen"
[feat. Cappadonna, Cheesy Rat]

[Crunch Lo]
Take two and hold that, I control that flow
The Wild West kid by the name of Crunch Lo
With my F.A.M. to the O, got mad styles fo' sho'
Huntin' for the dough, on our way we blaze ho's
You know's the routine, hold weight like three beams
Do it for them niggaz that's locked in State Green
Hand-to-hand niggaz that's out to make CREAM
Thugged out bitches not scared to serve fiends
It's the project hospitilities, enhanced abilities
to make it through this jungle of life, yo is you feelin' me?
From Barrack to Barrack, weed habits and big ratchets
Baggy jeans, big shines and hats on backwards
For all y'all cowards, get devoured in my sight
Bound to lose stripes if ya shit ain't tight
To the Capi-tan who devise the plan
If ya cross one of us then ya forced to hand
of my heat holders, justifiable bulldozers
I told ya, got a few hundred to make ya run it

Eh-yo I spawned from the circle of life
I got special technique with the mic
We ultra-light sound sight
It's Beneen, rap extreme, we intervene
through the mainline, flash ya cords, show time
for crime, 'merica's most divine rhyme terrorists
Studio darts, crash ya sound vocalist
Marble text, verbal intellects, broken tape decks
Two sets of cassettes, with rugged street dialect
Bionic, twelve stray bars of slang chronic
Break glass with the Armaretta, Scotch with tonic

[Cheesy Rat]
We plan to make the world stop with this
Lockin' this, range long, flame on mic's
Minus the ice, non-theatric
Match this with wits, don't think sick
Don't sip, only dismiss ya battered attempts
And in the same breath you claim to represent nonsense
We back bombs, ya best respect threats, protect ya torso
With no remorse, verbal crossbows get let go
Leavin' ya frame touched, no stoppin' my daily cut
Wild niggaz holdin' their buildings up, what will deliver us?
Livin' is terrible, prints illegible
Really they can't afford to come back
Pull it to raps, wraps raps in tracks
Wild Beneen on, peep the scene, strong, lean on
on ho's who choose to oppose, label the foes
Step on ya Lug covered toes, look how they rose
Dickin' ya farm, my niggaz involved
Feelin' ya whole job, memory jog
With lyrical bombs, lyrical bars

[Chorus x4: Lounge Mode]
We whyla Beneenian, styla Beneenian
[Crunch Lo] "We Wild Beneen on ya whole scene, whole team"

The verse serial killa, real killa, plot dealers, smoke illa
Realest Fortune Wheelers, PaperMate, villians feel us
Strangle five-oh, gamble, time to pioneer
Leave studio in shambles, swing off the chandeleer
Stare down the barrel, narrow bow points with no trace
Based upon the facts, you'll change into a screwface
Move weight, my chronic laced, find a place
Private Session, microphone molestin'
Big boy with no Wesson
Gats the way to talk, gun-Tommy, break the sidewalk
Pager on short, crank my vision on to night hawk
Stalk Empire State, the verbal saturate, rape
Deserve breaks, from out-of-state, son, you're just a victim
Since the rhyme infliction, Othorized diction fiction

[Lounge Mode]
It's twelve bars a pass, my staff be Gun Ho
You know we tug boat on Wild Beneen kids with dumb flows
In a smash, then I crash, smoke grass and drink Dash
You know I think fast, creep, then I sneak in ya ass
With the kids from the Body and Jungle, Pillage and bumble
I rumble in so humble, in jelly tracks with the Cisco
It's real disco, and go and ask even Trisco
Been doin' this with peers since thirteen with Richie Fisco
But now I got squads and mobs and honor rods
Convoy with fifty cars, a hundred niggaz with steel bars
Splash a nigga wig, for real, it's all Camille
On to Cheesy Rat, Othorized real, so what the deal?
Big guns take the streets in the summer
and little shorties runnin' wild, holdin' stacks and dealin' crack to the top runner
who's in town, ain't nuttin' changed from the get-down
The same shit now, I called my Barracks up in mid-town
You know the one that shine that want to antagonize faggot ones
Drop dead maggot one, West Barrack twenty-one
Cherry heads to Paris, want some? So come and taste mine
We erased from danger, ya hold face and skip the gates mine
I Wild Beneen on ya whole scene, whole scene
And rest in peace to my whole team, whole team

Whyla Beneeni, styla Beneeni

I won't surrender, no I won't never ever forget
It's real in the Hill, times is bad like credit
Fuck what you heard, kid, I don't wanna splurge
I be tryin' to merge, and live life, outside of the picture
One time for ya mind, plus two times, I be comin' back to get'cha
Nevertheless, fuck the rest of y'all, I got the vest for y'all
Still the best for y'all, come one, come all
I flood y'all out, my welcome is war out
At the crossroads, 'Donna must come tear and explode
out of your zip code, fuck a chart, see me lampin' on heart
I'm electric, my level is way beyond generic
Deep in you like spirit, these Barracks become epic
Three ways deeper than regular contraceptive

[Chorus x7.5]

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