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"Spittin Fire" lyrics by S.L.A.B.
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"Spittin Fire"
[feat. Z-Ro, Mr. 3-2, Yung Redd, Archie Lee, Kiotti,...]

Gangsta, Trae say man
Some niggaz gon get fucked up, on this song man
Know I'm saying, ay this Archie Lee baby
You already know, know I'm saying
Nothing but the real nigga, S.L.A.B.
We in your motherfucking face, turn it up nigga what

[Archie Lee:]
Four rocks in the hand, two glocks in the van
You niggaz make way, cause ain't no stopping this clan
S to the L-A to the B
None of these niggaz, fucking with Archie Lee
Before I drop my solo, you niggaz doubted me
How he gon switch labels, without that nigga Lil' Ke
But like the underdog, I was suppose to lose
Made profit like a motherfucker, showed you fools
Now everywhere I go, bitch niggaz so cool
Man your shit jamming, let me hear you flow fool
Hell naw, but I appreciate the love
You better appreciate a thug, or appreciate a slug what

You can't deny us, we be spitting fire
(and you know, we strapped with heat)
We some real slab riders, please don't try us
(everybody know, talk is cheap)

What it do I'm coming through, you better move back
Strapped with artillery, not scared to use that
Cause I'm bad to the bone, got beef with me then bring it on
You ain't ready, for all these pieces of plastic and chrome
Must be tired of living ready, then headed to early grave
Known for sending niggaz, to hell or the pearly gate
Ain't nobody taking me, I ain't worried bout nothing
Hate me today tomorrow, I come back like a rewind button
Ain't friendly, stay to myself for no reason at all
Get up off of me, 'fore you be bleeding not breathing at all
I'm connected, nation wide respected and known
Z-Ro the Crooked, I'm original so watch for the clone

Watch for the clone, see me better watch for my chrome
If you jacking, you better watch for your dome
And I'm on your block, and yep the talk is cheap
When I lay you on the ground, you know that talk is cheap
Ask Trae, or A. Lee
In uh H-Town is where we be, it's easy
We three mo', slow the beat and bring it back
Guerilla Maab with the S.L.A.B., in a Jag they love that
Anybody who be bumping or talking down, fin to catch some slugs
Better run, I mess with gorillas killers and thugs
And we all raw, I swing for heads to break jaws
And we got money for bail, ain't worried bout the laws uh

[Big Pup:]
Big boy sick boy, yes I'm the wig splitter
Make way, it's the Ridgemont's 4 big nigga
Go getter for the cash, I'ma have it if I want it
Calicoes we gon blast, at you niggaz acting fony
I'ma get it cause I'm hungry, and ain't stopping till I eat
I give a fuck how cold you is, cause I'm about to bring the heat
With the Guerilla M double A-B, and Hershelwood's Archie Lee
Who am I, Big Pup repping them Pud Park streets
All that bumping obsolete, put your money where you speak
I got gorillas that'll creep, and leave you dead where you sleep
A damn fool on these beats, in these streets I bring trouble
Big Pup and them S.L.A.B. niggaz, means E.R. on the double


[Mr. 3-2:]
Talk is cheap, I bring heat to the track
I deliver pimp slaps, and steady setting traps
For these hoes and niggaz, you can't figure me out
Still the Gov of the South, that'll burn up your house
You and your son, I do this kinda shit for fun
Make bets with me, bitch I'll have your ass done
Lying and trying, to disrespect a boss
You ain't got enough money, hoe I'm hot like hot sauce
Stinging like a wasp, of course it's me
Fucking with my property, you'll get fucked off properly
Ain't no stopping me, and your ass gon see
Who to play with, cause it damn sho ain't me

Be what you want me to be
Next time I see your ass, you gon see
Reality, in front of me the G.O.V. what's up Trae

That's the way the game go, is what they steady yelling out
But I'm about to cut they lights out, and make em respect my mind when I'm strapped with a big red dot
You niggaz can't get with the worst of us, and ain't never gon fuck with the best of us
My mouth piece cocked and about to bust, for a nigga that's thinking they better than us
Fuck that fuck y'all, Trae fin to get my point across and I'ma call it out
Fin to come out the do' running up head on, let's see which one of us falling out
One of them thug fire mob niggaz, a gorilla raw dog nigga
Hatch back when I wanna fall nigga, snitching ditching from the laws nigga
Broken jaw till they call nigga, body bag when they haul niggaz
Mob niggaz wanna squab niggaz, weaving and then I'ma bob nigga
Naw nigga you ain't fucking with this, Guerilla Maab and untamed
Who's to blame, I dont know but you bout to get a hot one for the pain

Dipping and dabbing, hustling the streets you flipping your slab in
I know bitches, who shoot more dicks then Madden
They dick biters, I'm on illegal shit like pit fighters
And if you ain't know, then the shit's right here
Flow into my vocal box, drip like beers
The world is my click, like Cheers
You can call me Steve Francis, popping pills with bills
And all this ice, got my wrist on chill
The block's on heated, got your man tell him to wait so
You be in on my recipe, Redd get the rope
And my rims cause pain, cause I'm spinning hurricanes
I understand girls cheat, my main chick is Mary Jane

[Yung Redd:]
Now this is what happens, for thinking I'm capping
Pulling out the mack 10, don't make it a challenge
Aiming at your Cadillac, making it back spin
Action, I been real since way back when
I was wicked ever since, I jumped over the picket fence
I hang on the block, like I'm paying rent
And I'm like the Terminator, I'll be back
To get you for all your stacks, and all your crack
I'm back for the first time, ain't no canceling me
Let's see, Redd'll cut down your family tree
Catch me shooting the breeze, smoking too many trees
Right now, ain't nan nigga fucking with me

[Lil' B:]
I'm a slab rider, provide a nigga your ear
Never been a punk or no queer, therefor I have no fear
For a hater, I penetrate a slug holding a grudge
Cause I'm a thug nigga, that get down and dirty in the mud
Round for round and pound for pound, just like this
Gorilla that's untamed, when I ball up my first
Now that I'm pissed, you niggaz better get it together
Squashing the cheddar it's whatever, when I aim my baretta
I'm sending slugs through your sweater, and you don't really like that
After hearing Lil' B, you niggaz gon recite that
Bite that, like a big mac killer that will attack
The prey cause I'm the predator, wrecking ya staying two steps ahead of ya
Smith'n Wess'll be blessing ya, when these niggaz be testing a nigga
You ain't stressing a nigga, with all that plexing my nigga
I'm thoed, explode like hot fire
Sticky like barb wire, I'm a slab rider

[Hook x2]

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