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"Bitch Boy (Remix)" lyrics by SPIDER LOC
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"Bitch Boy (Remix)"
[feat. Young Bucc + The Bitch Boy]

[Starts off with the beat of Lloyd Bank$ & The GAME's: "When the Chips Are Down"]

[Intro: Spider Loc]
Hey Bank$... Ya-hahahaaaaaaaaahhh!
Whattup my nigga?
He's a BitchBoooooy!
Let me tell you 'bout yo' BitchBoooooy!
And you got another BitchBoooooy!

[Chorus: Spider Loc]
This BitchBoy cannot see meeee,
Listen to the way I rhyyyyyyme! (Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!)
On the streets I got that eeeeasy! (IT'S THE UNIT!)
This WestCoast - is miiiiiine! (LIL' NIGGA!)

[Spider Loc:]
I got a 100 young niggaz with' me hollerin' 2 C's
Wack and Pooh rider, them my niggaz from 2 P's.
I smashed in the 90s and I run into 2 G's
You ain't a gangbanger, so you run in with' Two-T's!
You "Hurricane" stompin' with the flame Bandana
In Compton they say: "You used to glaze Santana! "
You gave that up - and really start trippin'
And yo Doja could you tell me - what made ya START STRIPPIN'?
And you did 'Change Of Heart', [beat changes to GAME & Tony Yayo's: "Runnin'"] and now it's Piru
On DVD talkin' like the downest Damu! (stop it!)
But Doja! - You know just as well as I do
The truth is the story that you tell is not true. (YOU LYIN'!)
Doja be in a gang for the last few years
And tried to go from tongue rings to them tattooed tears. (you scary ass nigga!)
Stop the frontin'! - You ain't with' the funken at all
You really ain't nothin' more than dunkin' a ball. (Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!)
[beat changes to GAME & 50Cent's: "WestSide Story"]

[Skit: Spider Loc]
Ha-ah! 97 Street!
Yea-eah! EastSide, EastCoast!

[Spider Loc:]
Rev Riders, Red Rags everybody knowin',
You a NOBODY that sound like everybody flowin'.
Ain't got no background you talk about TV.
If it ain't about 2Pac, it's all about Eazy!
If it ain't about Eazy, it's all about Fif' and the Unit!
I wonder who's listenin' to it? ! (what's this?)
Jumped on Dre's dick - and do nothin'
To Yukmouth - Memphis Bleek or Joe Budden! [beat changes to The GAME & Nate Dogg's: "Special"]
I've come to the conclusion you got to be +Special+ or retarded!
How the fuck'd you get me started?
But a war with the Loc, you don't wanna try that
You steady goin' broke and gettin' 'Butterfly' tats. (Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!)
When Fosen died, you LOST YA G-SIDE!
And I just spoke with G. Malone and G-Ride!
And they said no bullshit, it's on fo' real!
You get popped - if you try to pop up on Brazil. [beat changes to The GAME & Nate Dogg's: "Where I'm From"]
Oh, I'm from! That's just how the politics go.
I got a boss from New York that know how to get doe.
I'm a Loc from LA that know how to kick flow,
In big blue diamonds look how my shit glow.
You don't knooooow, [scratches] (Spider Loc!) where I'm froooooom! [scratches] (G-UNIIIIT!)
You don't knooooow, (gangbangers!) where you frooooooom! (EASTSIDE!) (Hahaha!) [gun cocks] (you
Clown!) [shot]

[Game Interlude:]
G-Unit is your mother day... N.W.A, youkno'msayin'?
You gotta group of niggas...
You got Yayo, youkno'msayin'? He home now!
You got Bank$! He "Mixtape Artist Of The Year", he killin' everything out the...
And you got Buck, the wild nigga from the South. Didin't he... youkno'msayin'?
He lyrical like this nigga's amazing, this nigga Young Buck niggas!

[Young Buck:]
They say God bless the child and can't hold his own (fo' sho'!)
And he who is loyal, always leave home! (YEAH!)
A real hood nigga gets money and get back, (GET BACK!)
So when I got money, bitch I did just that. (OOOOOOH!)
I put hats in tha hands and a dope man (YEEEEEAAAAAAHH!)
Put Gats in tha hands and my whole friends.
Listen what I tell ya! - I don't even really no Gamem (NO GAME!)
When I said his name - old POP on a thang! (OOOOH!)
Bitch, yeah I gotta new blue! - That's how I do! (WHASSUP?)
So my eyes are red - and Bloods love me too!
I'm TRUE! - And every nigga 'round me knowin',
BUT YOU! - Only hard when 'round ya boys!
I know move fo' 50's new Gauge when yo' first watch
Throwed you, yo' first verse hold you, yo' first drop!
We ain't really need ya! - Homie, you know I'm a see ya!
Don't never bought the hand in defead ya - YOU BITCH NIGGA!

And know you got 50! This nigga killed the whole record while everybody sell!
And the 1st time he rap history, he's shit done the like that. This nigga did it!
[50 Cent:]
Niggas in tha hood can't believe this shit, man! They see me, if they livin' like god-...
(god-...) damn! (damn!) Haha!
[Buck:] And when yo I say I keep the Crystal cold! Nigga's not a game, nigga!
[Whoo Kid:] Whoooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!

[Young Buck:]
Now if it's beef - Lord hear 'em and let the wall start (nigga!)
Do watch it do best - have a Change Of Heart! (Yeeeaaah!)
Your men depressed <½HAHA! ½> - some of 'em let the bro'
You disrespect, when the West find out who you are!
DO YA THUG THANG! (DO YA THUG THANG!) - Spreach a "300 Bars",
But me and Bank$ garage makes some 300 cars! (AIGHT!)
You're not a soljah homeboy! You comin' from the stripclub!
You name was DOJA, I can show ya the pimpest Blood! (Bloood!)
"The Game is Over"! Nigga change your close! (BITCH!)
We catchin', you actin' like a video-hoe! (HOOOOOE!)
And I was on tha phone, when Spider Loc called ya,
You punk ass said: "Yeah, +I Don't Want No Problem+" (no problem!)
Tryna diss Memph' Bleek - don't lies in Jay! (YEAH!)
And that ass apologise on very next day! (HAHA!)
Damn right, radio gon' playin' my shit! (AIGHT!)
I want to what Dre gon' said 'bout this: "GAME OVA! " (GAME OVA!)

[Buck:] This shit crazy! 'Ey yo listen to this nigga man!
[Game:] This shit is let 'em the brief like, youkno'msayin'?
[50Cent:] Compton and New York... the mothafuckin' airfield.
[Bank$:] Yeah!
We own think the 50 had it, youkno'msayin'? It played out way, when ya have a nigga from
The East! And Bank$, and Yayo have a nigga from the South, and Buck... and have a nigga from
The West!

[Spider Loc:]
No, I don't see, what the tough talkin' and spread it violance (SAY MY NAME!)
That's rough is so long - I don't hear my silence. (haha!)
But I'm from EC, G-Unit - I bangs the Game, (nigga!)
And it's need it to sayin': "I slammed them thangs! "
I got love from the West and I'm a shade it the Game! (WestSiiide!)
And I'll be, 'cause this album was full of famous names. (hahaha!)
See: "I'm everything want to wish and was,
But it's nothin' like me! - Can't you tell from all dissin' and does? "
It be only 'bout from blassin' and bugs
Cause when he meetin' me in the club - he be all about the kisses and hugs! [Cuuuuuuuupp! ]
If you ain't Yukmouth or Loc, you ain't touchin' one time
When he in the city - and Joe Budden was only punchline! (I mean damn!)
I here with' gangbang, no fo' hit not Gats!
That's that! - Not only stands peep the rest! (hmmmmmm!)
I don't hatin'! - It's just whore-thing to understandin' the nigga
And 'spposed the representin' the Riderz but he 'round from Jigga.

[Game:] And the next we goin' on you MTV up next, and we gotta...
We got Fif'. One things from... he's from QC, G-Unit's in tha house! I'm never wanna thug
That I be in the videos and Jim Jam with' niggas like 50 and youkno'msayin'? Shakin' hands
With these niggas, that... that I can't said it be Legends, youkno'msayin'? Like... this shit
Is, isn't become true, man!
[Game sample:] "I never take shots... at legends, that's just something I don't do. [echoes]"

[Sample Courtesy Of "The Documentary" By The Game]

[Spider:] Hahahaha!
[Buck:] Hey yo man!
[Spider:] Whattup Buck, huh?
[Buck:] 'Ey man, this shit crazy...
[Spider:] Go clown-ass niggas, man...
[Buck:] It is what it is...
[Buck:] 'Ey homeboy...
[Spider:] G-Unit Crip! Spider Loc!
[Buck:] YOUNG BUCK! Holla nigga! [gun cocks]
[Spider:] Haha! [shot] [beat changes to GAME's: "Higher"]

[Spider Loc:]
You can catch me in the Yukon hittin' on fire
Or pushin' up century, gettin' head from Mya.
And I don't really wanna let the Tec speak
So BitchBoy - check your techniiiique!
And while your at that check the streets good
The EastSide Riders don't fuck with Eastwood!
You just a bad, look for the Damu's
Tight drawers saggin' - hatin' ya high school! [beat changes to The GAME & 50Cent's: "Hate It Or
Love It"]
G-UUUNIT - on the plaque of the Lowrider!
The rats in the hood holla: "Go Spider! "
I'm from the most gang and I flow tighter
Take back the Bentleys - go get a ghostwriter! (Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!)
Jayceon callin' for peace!
He said it 'self, you should call the police!
If you ever see the G-Unit Crips,
I'm a EC Banger, with G-Unit chips! (haahh!)
I can tell that you hate it alot
But I'm a stay on top, if ya "Hate It Or Not"! [explode] [scratches]

[Thanks to Big Tamá$ for these lyrics]

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