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"Groundwork (Remix)" lyrics by WREKONIZE
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"Groundwork (Remix)"
[feat. Ras Kass, Saheed, Akrobatik, Co$$ & Rudi Goblen]

[Intro: Wrekonize]
Let's go back to church. You ever get that feeling?
That you're not alone? Yeah, yeah I get that too.
Wait, actually, I got some friends with me right now-

[Verse 1: Co$$]
Yo, from ash to ass to dust,
They dollar be they pope they praisin'
Dope and I'm like 'Nope' so they callin' me blasphemous,
Fuck that ignorant, they want me to show my ass
If you got Eminem's complexion some - nuckers [?] turn to slaves
God bless your soul nah, God curse you spirit
Comin' with that Jew shit fear this
Stompin' on these niggas toes, FE FI FO,
The industry got niggas chemically imbalanced,
You don't need no talent these days...
Just somebody that you know - in the game,
But I'm a put some hurt - in ya frame,
With the rhythm cleat you know I'm kickin' dirt... on ya name,
I'm the realest me you niggas fake and front... what ya playin'?
Or you could beek another gain some image in exchange,
For some fame, take his name,
Claim you doin' what he did,
Fuck the truth, if it's gon' get you paid,
You gon' slang them fears to them kids,
Tell me, who slang rock?
Who shootin' at them niggas on the block,
Who pistol cocked?
You's a mixture of that 'Pac and that pot that you be puffin'
I keep it movin' like the hands on the Doomsday clock,
I got's to keep my mental focus on the top,
Cause the minute that you slip, the next minute yo shit flop,
And forgot, like, "Who was that Co$$? I can't recall... ", cause,
Most these niggas shootin' for stars, they aim is off, get,
Covered then, smothered by famous they frame resolve,
In the scripture those who turn to Saul, became the sought,
Dumb nucker, we so called mens we thumb-suckers,
When we starin' in the eyes of the storm, become wind,
Yeah, in a game where some win,
Some sell they soul to be on what we on but we gone...

[Chorus: Wrekonize]
Shake limits, and take it to fake gimmicks,
Even create image, shit do what you must to break ground,
I'm in it for great livin', the fannin' and great givin'
Man my kingdom was made to break ground,
To break ground, to break ground, to break grou-ah-ah-ound,
To break ground, to break ground, to break grou-ah-ah-ound,

[Verse 2: Akrobatik]
I break ground like earthquakes, sledgehammers,
Livin' on the edge, man I been rotted,
Same time true melodic, (Who the hottest?)
Akrobatik, Wrekonize Ruthless artists,
Ladies taste the blue exotic, 'Bartender, two hypnotics'
Our crew demolish while you lookin' for some shoes to polish,
Too cool for college so I hit the streets to do my knowledge,
You fuck around and catch a group of brolic brothers standin'
Troop asylum ready to get super violent lyrical
Bazookas wildin', with the fuckin' force to nuke a island,
You ain't sayin' shit unless it's some'n you can do for my kin,
My crew supplyin' all that shit you love when you get high and,
Pass the L around and lift your mind state, to the sky and,
Levitate, for a minute, meditate, while I spit it,
To be great, I'm committed, so I take it to the limit and beyond,
This shit that I'm on got the whole planet trippin' love,
That's why I'm always gone I break ground,

[Verse 3: Ras Kass]
Sam Speed told y'all, think you better Wrekonize,
Y'all heroes jump off the roof, I respect The Other Guys,
Check my pulse it's pumpin' BP,
Leakin' on the Gulf I clean it up just hook me to a IV,
See me like a construction work, a construction Tim's hard hat,
Buildin' like a master mason
I will serve a God that, bag of chips I'm all that,
Standin' on a scaffold made of dead rappers,
Good native American pussy is red snapper,
Son, y'all niggas is big dummies I'm Fred Sanford,
This goes out to Tampa, Orlando, Miami,
San Diego, Oakland, Los Angeles County,
Allow me to move dirt, like the Sandman,
Crack the earth to proportions of the Grand Canyon,
Damn y'all stand under unstable tables of foundation,
Can't comprehend? I'm ground breakin'

[Chorus: Wrekonize]

[Verse 4: Rudi Goblen]
The monkey's out the bottle,
So I spit-shine my own light bulb, then cover ya back,
Cause epiphanies to follow,
Me to put a knife in the fan and apply planning,
See a man that can't stand is a man that can't land it,
So where ya guts at, you stutter and stumbling,
You need stuff your stories in a sack and set your pace back,
Avoid the void from coming, you running yo shit is bubbling,
I plummet and push the pedal palm the problems in the ground beef,
I'll be, THAT vagabond out in South Beach,
Screamin' "I'm gon' make it!" 'til my motherfucking lungs bleed,
Pardon me mister, I got a press packet pistol
That I'll shoot ya with,
When I write the right for my stage life,
How many people know G? Well I know that I don't give a butt,
Cause I'm fuckin' luck until it owes me,
See I'm a Flipside King drinking Crown, clown,
Those who oppose it gettin' stuck if they don't bow down,

[Verse 5: Saheed]
This is ground breakin', I leave the town shakin',
You don't never hear 'bout Saheed sittin' 'round waitin',
I gotta take it I'm tired of bein' patient,
Run up in the station tell the DJ play dis so everybody's gettin'
SPRAYED, I'm tryna' get PAID, cause brother I be
Bangin' out classics everyday,
Rock on top of beats and break the foundation where you lay,
I swear to God the strength is right there upon the stage,
When I'm there,
The competition here that's sayin', "This is not fair! ",
Fuck you, you should call this filterin' the top tier,
Yo I be wreckin' mics and breakin' ground with Wrekonize,
I pick the best of everything and put the rest aside,
I get my blessings right, cause I'm in this for great livin',
New Year's resolution was to be on top by Thanksgiving,
You should be thankful you'll be safe 'til November now,
Rearrange your agenda or leave this place in a stretcher,

(What in the hell are they waiting for?)
I ain't think we'd have time for this, but uh...
Fuck it.

[Verse 6: Wrekonize]
My song's tellin' me to take cover and y'all,
Better be ready to brawl, enemies heavenly fall,
Whether we rock the spot, or not, the Embassy,
Has got you online searchin' for pop like Tron Legacy,
I'm schizophrenic with career goals,
I'd like to show you what the fuck I'm talkin' 'bout,
Got time? Well here goes,
Took it from Madeline to rockin' out with Cash Money,
Makin' some Strange Music who's to take that from me?
I'd like to see them claim they're that hungry,
I see 'em in their whips, waitin' for hits
Like fuckin' crash dummies,
I walk the planet underhanded but I'm overjoyed,
To walk towards the light excited, I'm a solar droid,
I'll make the sound smirk underneath the clown shirt,
Jugglin' the clown jerk, you got a life and found worth,
I got millennia to take you through the outskirts,
But that's a job I'll gladly accept, cause that's my groundwork.

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