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"No Message" lyrics by YOUR OLD DROOG
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"No Message"
[feat. Rast RFC]

Don't push me 'cause I'm close to the edge
I'm tryin' not to lose my bread
It's like a jungle, sometimes it makes me wonder
How I keep from goin' under
It's like a jungle, sometimes it makes me wonder
How I keep from goin' under

[Verse 1 - Your Old Droog:]
Comin' up, my crew didn't know that there's rappers who were independent
We was more concerned with the shine in your pendant
Just flossin' in the WIC check line
Never heard of Tech N9ne but they seen a TEC-9
Growin' up, I never heard Atmosphere or Slug
I prefer the atmosphere where you might just catch a slug
But I'm livin' real good now, it's bugged
The kid is pipin' Pitchfork and Fader hoes, takin' 'em to Trader Joe's
What's the downside? No more Crown Fried
Some droogs do me greezy, I'm bound to let it slide
I got little hometown propers, I been around the world
I'm not in some shitty club singin' "Brown Eyed Girl"
No shots at my pops, I'm 'bout to stop goin' to Key Food
And start to shop at Whole Foods, what should I cop?
I feel the pressure, under more scrutiny
And what I do? Buy more gluten-free
Cupcakes, bran flakes, and pancakes, never lay no bland takes
Y'all know how I handle breaks
The flow gets in there, ya make no mistakes
All the way in Some 'Bando' in Orlando, they say that it's Land-O-Lakes
I don't care if your hands' callus from calisthenics
You heard of.50 cal asthenics? I'm coolin'
On the lookout for schizophrenics
Who wanna shove you while you're waitin' for the 2 at hun-25th and Lenox


[Verse 2 - Your Old Droog:]
So gung-ho, I grow on you suttin' fungal
From the jungle to the bungalow, G-in' a young ho
Come creep with a creep, get right
I also mess with old hoes who keep it tight
She said, "How do you sleep at night?" I don't, I sleep in the day
[?] Still carrying on April Fool's jokes deep into May
That's a running gag-order
Document a re-reporter, [?] hit the store then bought a bag of Funyuns with a quarter
That's when I stepped outside and got pressed
Wasn't calm and collected, the kid was a hot mess
Looked away for a second then got blessed
Dazed for a minute, but at the end, he walked away spotless
They came to see who's liver
And see who's liver gon' get stabbed with a rusty screwdriver (that's rough)
Bad enough he punked ya, then punctured your lung-what an interesting conjuncture
Not everyone was raised a shooter
And if they didn't have a razor, they'd bust your shit open with a Razor scooter
Remove the flicks from the computer
Them bitches didn't recognize me because I used to be cuter (ha, HA!)
Saw me woofin' at the rave, I dipped
That was a mean save, wait until y'all see me with a clean shave
Step in the spot like Encino Man
Just rolled dice and won a C-note man, that's with a cold hand
Try to get this cool hand lukewarm
I hold it straight up without shakin', I'm too calm
And motherfuckers think my charm is a fluke
Until they see me with their mom duke-duke ya moms
While George Duke play
She caught the dick like a bouquet while you was in your room playin' 2K
You (hey!) get out my way
These motherfuckers better listen when Droog say


[Verse 3 - Rast RFC:]
I grabbed the rifle and I screamed, "Free Mumia!" I die for the cause
Lived life on the edge and America pushed me off
I almost jumped a couple times, I was lost
Nigga tried to find God so I snatched a nigga' cross
Take a walk on the wild side, tales form the dark side
Throwin' molotov cocktails where the NARCs hide
Apartheid in the projects
Where bloods and crips fight, the Gods drop knowledge
Tell the little kids, "Go to college" now they tryna make a dollar
Sellin' powder nigga tryna get a break like Nell Carter
Gunshots from the sweeper
Introduce you to the grim reaper
I'm hearin' screams in my dreams, wakin' up in cold sweats, shakin'
Nightmares of fed time with the Aryan nation
(And then what happened?) So I caught three cases
In the same month, robbin' shit with Big Nose Jason
On 23rd and 2nd, five blocks from The Latham
In the Prince George-these are early 80's crack havens
Wavin' a MAC-11 like it was a home invasion
Chokin' a nigga out, his eyes squinted like an Asian
Money I was chasin', time I'm facin'
Runnin' from the cops, sweatin' like I'm freebasin'
So now we in the station, prayin' like a christian
The cop said the woman we robbed wants a conviction
"Wait, hold up-thought this chick was a man"
Dyke bitch, baggy jeans with a black doo-rag
It was mistaken identity, no more steak and philly cheese
Upstate, here I come, damn, silly me
So I bailed out, no doubt, for a robbery
[?] Beboppin', knot of hundreds [?] in the street like Gotti
Celebratin' my freedom, [?] Up in Speed [?] burn the weed, indeed
Niggas screw-facin' like they [?] on E [?]
Nigga push me, bouncer tries to break it up, I broke his nose
Two nights in Central Bookin', R.O.R., the same clothes
("So like a week later, I caught a fuckin' sale, man"
"Fuckin' undercovers, man")
These are the trials and tribulations of a psycho mental patient
Off his medication waitin' for Droog to walk in the station
I finally seen him coming, tried to push him but he snapped
With an evil grin, he turned around and threw me in the track


[Outro - Rast RFC]

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